Equipment and faculty options

Examples of technical equipment and possible areas of cooperation with individual faculties.

Faculty of AgriSciences

  • Chemical Analytical Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology
  • Expertise of animal and plant nutrition and plant protection
  • Food Technology Laboratories (eg dairy, brewing)
  • Laboratories of Food Processing and Packaging Technology
  • Biogas production research workplace from selected substrates
  • Test stand for testing of tractors, motor vehicles and their engines

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

  • Assessment of forest and forest environment, scenarios of development and modeling of growth processes using application of the latest instruments and GIS applications
  • Application of molecular biology in forestry and application of biotechnology
  • Development and testing of the influence of forestry on the soil and forest environment
  • Assessment of tree operational safety and advisory activity
  • Biometric laboratory
  • New Technologies and Material Engineering Development - Development of wood-based materials
  • Construction of wooden structures and their components
  • Health risks, ergonomics and ecology of interiors
  • Complete Furniture Testing Services
  • Testing room for joinery products (detached workplace in Zlín)

Faculty of Horticulture

  • Expertise and consultancy in the field of fruit growing technology, old and regional varieties
  • Testing of new types of agricultural machines (viticulture, ornamental horticulture)
  • Maintenance and planting of greenery - technology and economy
  • Composting (biodegradable waste) - studies, technology, economics
  • Acquisition and utilization of bioenergetic waste
  • Design and assessment of irrigation systems
  • Analyzes of nutritional parameters of vegetables: vitamin C, nitrates, carotenoids, carbohydrates, polyphenols, dry matter, fiber, antioxidant capacity, minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Na, etc.)
  • Consultancy in the fields of: vegetable production, flower and special production, plants, hydroponics and greenhouse production, ecological and integrated production in horticulture
  • In vitro cultivation
  • Consultancy - Plant health testing, in vitro cultivation
  • Testing of cultivation technologies on the container (currently only 2 such specialized workplaces in the Czech Republic)
  • Consultancy with the development and testing of storage technologies, processing of fruit and vegetables, including packing and canning stabilization
  • Instrumental methods for assessing the biomechanical properties of trees
  • Expertise and consultancy in the field of dendrology, technology of planting and care of vegetation elements
  • Territorial analytical data and territorial technical documentation (in the dictum of the Building Act) obtained through GIT applications

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